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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Wanted: Writers of suspense/crime/mystery/cozy mystery novels for entry in our contest. Identifying features: a plotting mind and observant eyes; possibly an avid reader; suspect has never published a novel through traditional venues. Must be turned in on or before July 10, 2010. For further details, enquire within.

Special Alert: Writers of other genres are also wanted. These suspects cre
ate fictional accounts of contemporary or speculative events for the purpose of entertaining men, women, and/or young adults, enticing them to willingly suspend their disbelief. May be armed with laptop.

Persons of interest, and those with information that might lead to the appreh
ension of any such suspect, should contact Please provide a completed entry form along with the following evidence: first chapter of the suspect's fabrication and a short (one- to two-page) synopsis.

Reward: Each respondent will receive a personal email of thanks from the contest administrator. If printed out and framed, this can be used as a wall ornament or conversation piece, and will make you the envy of all your friends.
Furthermore, each monthly winner will receive Fifteen Minutes of Fame right here on Novel Journey. So don't be shy; turn yourself in!


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