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My Book Therapy Mission Statement:

We at My Book Therapy are all about helping the writer help him – or herself. Our coaching service is designed to give writers the tools they need to develop and enhance their craft. We don't line edit - we footnote your story, giving you suggestions, lessons and examples on how to apply them.

In short, we’ll teach you how to write.

If you are ready to take your writing to the next level, we’re ready to help.

Basic Book Therapy  - $645

Our standard book therapy process takes a look at your entire proposal – three sample chapters (up to 3000 words each chapter) plus a five-page single spaced synopsis. You’ll get in-depth feedback on both your story structure and your writing skills and learn how to take them to the next level. For an in-depth explanation read our What is Book Therapy page.  

Step by Step Therapy $645

Step by Step therapy is for the writer who need a bit more assistance getting started, finding their voice, and developing a scene. We’ll look at your synopsis (five pages single spaced), for story structure, then give you feedback on the first chapter, with a game plan on how to improve your story. After rewriting the first chapter, we’ll look at it again, and this time give you a thorough evaluation on your writing skills and teach you how to develop them further.  

Synopsis Therapy - $465

You’ve fleshed out a story but you’re not sure if it works…or if you’ve captured all the nuances for your editor or agent.  In Synopsis Therapy, we start with your synopsis, then go deep into story structure, helping you craft an award-winning story. We'll make sure you have developed all the key foundational pieces, and all the threads of your story are woven correctly. We'll ask you the right questions to know if your story will work, and help you find the answers that will make it profound.  We will also look at your synopsis with our therapist's eye and give all the feedback to make sure you have a solid story. And, for an additional discounted fee, we'll also look at your first chapter and help you get your story rolling.  One of our most popular option, Synopsis therapy sets in you in the right direction for success.  

SEQ-Book Brainstorming - $485/90 minutes

Have a story idea and just need help laying it out? Are you sure you have all the elements? We love to brainstorm stories – and have a proven method for making sure your story has a solid arc, a black moment, an epiphany and characters that come off the page. We’ll arm you with questions and a roadmap, and then we’ll get on the phone with you for 90 minutes and work with you to map it out, step by step. You’ll leave with a story outline…and a game plan to make it come to life.  

Chapter by Chapter Therapy* - $225/chapter

You’ve been through Book Therapy, and now just need encouragement along the way…chapter by Chapter Therapy is for you. We’ll walk you through each chapter (up to 3000 words per chapter), going deep, pulling out those elements to strength, encouraging and teaching. We’ll brainstorm with you, and give you a road map to the next chapter. For as long as you want…it’s your call.  (*This service is only available for those who have completed Basic or Step By Stepy Therapy.)

All Glammed Up – Proposal Therapy $425

Are you ready to submit?  You have only one chance to impress an agent or editor before they turn down your manuscript (or accept it!) and that door is closed forever to that story.  Would you like another pair of eyes to read through your story, make sure you are ready?  We know how to build a powerful proposal and what agents/editors are searching for, and we want to help you build the strongest proposal you can.  In All Glammed Up – Proposal Therapy, we will read through your proposal, and give you a 3-5 page overview of what you need to fix to make it shine. Note:  This is not a proof read, nor is it a line edit.  We’ll tell you if you’re story is ready, and if it isn’t …how to fix it.  In this therapy we give you an overview and feedback but we don' t touch your manuscript. Take a last look in the mirror before you send your proposal out into the world and get it All Glammed Up!

The Big Picture - Story Read-Through

Have you finished a story and want to know if it works?  We receive numerous requests to read through a manuscript to see if it is ready for publication.  Let me be clear – we specialize in teaching an author how to deliver a powerful story, by first focusing on Storycrafting (Plot and Characterization) and Wordsmithing (Art and Craft of Voice).  (see Standard Book Therapy).  However, because we do see a need for an author to get honest feedback without jumping right into editing (because it is our position that an author should be able to edit themselves into publication), we have added a new service. What it is:  a read through, with a five page evaluation of your story structure, strengths and weaknesses, feedback on your voice/wordsmithing, thoughts on marketing and overall suggestions.  We’ll also get on the phone with you for a one-hour conversation on what to do.

 What it isn’t:  A line edit.  We don’t touch your ms.

            The Big Picture  – up to 60K words  - $1250

            The Bigger Picture  – up to 90K word - $1650

            The Biggest Picture – 90K-200K words - $2450


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