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Friday, September 07, 2007

Camy Tang - Odd Pictures? Send 'em in....

Camy Tang. By now you’ve discovered that she is a newly published author and not a candy shop product.

Today’s challenge: Search the web for the silliest picture of Camy. Why, you say, should you do that? Because it's the last chance for you to win a copy of her debut novel, Sushi For One? ...
on Novel Journey, at any rate.

Now, some of you will have unfair advantage because you know Camy better than others. To make things fair -- the picture must come from the web. As demonstrated by the above photograph, you can find odd pictures in all sorts of places. (not just Camy's website...)

Now for a housekeeping moment from Ane..."Tuesday’s post got shuffled into Monday’s somehow, so please check the comments (the one with 29) for Tuesday’s new winner."

Back to the regularly scheduled Friday post:

Send the picture of Camy, where you found it, and your snail mail address to me at by Monday 9-10-07 at noon. In case two or more send the same picture and it's chosen, we'll choose the one sent the earliest.

Ready, set, hunt…


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