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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Steps to Success, by Dr. Linda Seger

Dr. Linda Seger has a Th.D. in Drama and Theology, and created a script consulting business in 1981, based on her dissertation project about the elements needed to make a script work. She has written 13 books, 9 of them on screenwriting. She is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Redemptive Film Festival for her 30+ years of work as a script consultant, the Candlelight Award from Regents University for being a "Light to the Entertainment Industry," the Distinguished Alumni Award from Pacific School of Religion, and The Moondance Film Festival Living Legacy Award for her support of Women in the Film Industry. For more of her bio, see her website.

NEW! Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success

I have another new book out - the revised edition of SPIRITUAL STEPS ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS: Gaining the Goal Without Losing Your Soul. It's easy to find on and

If you are spiritually inclined, you might find it interesting because it deals with success from a spiritual perspective. When I was trying to get my career started, I found spiritual issues had to do with struggles, anxiety, overcoming obstacles, knowing when to push or to wait, trying to stay kind when not everyone was kind to me. When I started to do better in my career, I discovered the issues changed, which is the focus of this book. 

Some of the chapter headings are: Willing to be Blessed, Meeting the 7 Deadly Sins, (I think we meet them all) Becoming Important, (There are lots of issues that come up when one becomes a public person), Becoming Unimportant, Connecting not Competing for Success, Developing a Sense of Smell (so we sniff out the scoundrels - I presume we all meet a few), and Save Time for Tragedy, Save Room for Miracles. 

The Forward is by Martha Williamson, writer and executive producer of "Touched by an Angel." And the book won a Gold Medal Illumination Book Award. (Sub-category was The Enduring Light Award.) 

The book is written from a fairly broad spiritual perspective. I'm a Quaker (a rather tolerant group), grew up Lutheran, many years ago meditated at the Zen Center in L.A., occasionally sing in the choir at the 2nd Baptist Church when in Houston, have some knowledge of many spiritual disciplines, so there's nothing here about trying to convert anyone and I don't think anything offensive to any spiritual discipline. I always have readers give me feed-back and for a book like this, I have Christian and non-Christian readers to see if the issues resonate. I consider the issues to be universal. I interviewed many spiritual people from all 6 continents, and from a broad range of careers in arts, sciences, business, religion, etc. including a harpist from Tasmania, an Aborigine from Australia, a businessman from Singapore, a scientist from England, etc. A really fascinating group of people that further enhanced the issues. 

If you buy it and like it, I’d very much appreciate it if you would write a review on one or more of the following websites. In today's book selling world, one review is worth 1,000! You may find my new book in either paperback or ebook format at the following links, to purchase, to give as a gift, or to post reviews:

SpiritualSteps paperback at Indie Bound (this allows you either to mail order, or to have the book sent to your local independent bookstore:

In the next 6 months or so, there will be another edition of a screenwriting book. I will only email this list for the occasional book announcements, which may be every 6 months or so.

I’d also love it if you would join my more frequent email newsletter list. Please sign up on my website at

Yvonne Lehman is an award-winning, best-selling author of more than 3,000,000 books in print, who founded and directed the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference for 25 years, is now director of the Blue Ridge “Autumn in the Mountains” Novelist Retreat. She mentors for the Christian Writers Guild. She earned a Master’s Degree in English from Western Carolina University and has taught English and Creative Writing on the college level. Her latest releases include eight ebooks for Barbour’s Truly Yours line and a Harlequin/Heartsong series set in Savannah GA: The Caretaker’s Son, Lessons in Love, Seeking Mr. Perfect, (released in March, August, & November 2013). Her 50th novel is Hearts that Survive – A Novel of the TITANIC


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