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Monday, October 09, 2006

Our first winner is . . .

Today's book giveaway is for an autographed copy of Nate Kenyon's, Bloodstone.

The winner is Chris!

Leave a comment under today's interview to be entered in tomorrow's drawing.

(Chris, please email me your shipping info so we can get that to you. You'll find my email addy through my profile.)


  1. Cool!

    Thanks, all.

  2. Interesting that you're interviewing ABA authors more now. I hope this comment counts towards the contest! I'll check back in tomorrow. :) Great job as always, Gina.

  3. We'll count KC. Remember we said we would get into more ABA to hopefully initiate cross-over for CBA authors, but of course it will naturally go both ways. So, we all need to use discernment. Just because we feature an author doesn't mean we know what they stand for or have read their work.


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