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Friday, January 20, 2006

James Scott Bell's Fiction/Non-Fiction 2 Book Givaway!

To enter to win an autographed copy of either Glimpses of Paradise or Plot & Structure, leave a comment, telling which book you want to win. Names will be drawn and announced on S'up Saturday morning. I wish this were someone else's blog so I could win Glimpses of Paradise. Boo hoo! I'm currently reading Plot & Structure and it's a wonderful how to book. Good luck!

Glimpses of Paradise
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (April, 2005)
ISBN: 0764226487

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

James Scott Bell has done it again. Glimpses of
Paradise brilliantly portrays the coming of age of two young people as they
struggle with parental expectancies and their own dreams. Doyle Lawrence finds
himself on the battlefields of France in WWI fighting evil, while his childhood
friend Zee Miller chases her dream to Hollywood to become a movie actress.

Ever the masterful story-teller, Mr. Bell brings the era of the early
twenties alive before your eyes and makes you care about his characters. With
unexpected twists in the plot and characters that aren't stereotyped, Bell has
given us a page-turner. One of the best reads of the year!

Write Great Fiction: Plot and Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting Plot That Grips Readers from Start to Finish

How does plot influence story structure? What's the difference between plotting for commercial and literary fiction? How do you revise a plot or structure that's gone off course? With Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure, you'll discover the answers to these questions and more. Award-winning author James Scott Bell offers clear, concise information that will help you create a believable and memorable plot Filled with plot examples from popular novels, comprehensive checklists, and practical hands-on guidance, Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure gives you the skills you need to approach plot and structure like an experienced pro.


  1. I'd love to win Glimpses of Paradise. James Scott Bell is one of my favorites! Thanks for the review Ane.
    Janet Rubin

  2. I pick both!

    But since I can't, the "wanna be a better writer" side of me wins. I'd love Plot and Structure. And if Glimpses happens to fall into the same envelope, then that's just fine with me.

  3. Man, Gina, you make decisions tough! I want them both, but I pick Plot and Structure because I need it! I have a stack of fiction to read right now. I need a good how to book!

  4. Add my name for Plot and Stucture. I've been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it.


  5. Since I've read Plot and Structure (great book), I'd love to have my name in for Glimpses of Paradise.

    Erin Marshall

  6. Well, I have both books (they're great), so don't enter me in the drawing, but I wanted to let you folks know you can read the Prologue and first chapter of Jim's next book, Presumed Guilty, by following this link:

    Presumed Guilty Page At Zondervan

    Click on the "Take a Closer Look" icon.

    I'm really looking forward to this!

  7. I love plot and structure, and have learned a ton from it. WHat a great tool. I'd love to get Glimpse of Paradise :-) I've really enjoyed his other novels that I've read.

  8. Well, put me down for Plot & Structure (please). Been wanting to read that one for a while. And thanks for doing this.

    Mike Snyder (because Blogger still won't recognize me).

  9. I'm reading Plot & Structure now. After meeting Mr. Bell in New Mexico during a writer's conference - the man is so inspiring and motivating.

    So, put me in the hat for Glimpses of Paradise.

  10. Plot and Structure, please. I don't have either book, but this one intrigues me most. Thanks for the opportunity, Gina.

  11. I LOVE Plot and Structure...reference it ALL THE TIME. So put me down for his other book! :)

  12. Gina, I just want a chance to win a free book--but I already have both of these! So put me down for Glimpses of Paradise and if I win, you can keep it!

    And now, I have to ask (with much trepidation as a fellow pre-pubbed author with manuscripts floating around), what's the latest on your books? I spent all last weekend getting caught up on your blog but haven't seen anything from you in a while on their status. I'm dying here with you! Anything new?

  13. Read Plot and Structure (and about ready to read it again), so I'd love Glimpses of Paradise.

    Gina, you've been doing a great job with the interviews, btw. They are just awesome.

  14. Thanks everyone. Still time to enter. The names will be drawn tomorrow am.

    Sally, no news on my MS. (I appreciate you offering up Glimpses of Paradise, if you win.:)Still playing the waiting game. Some interest and talk but no contract. Believe me, once I get the phone call, I'll stop the presses to announce it to the world. Thanks for asking.

    Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer!

  15. Hey Gina,
    Put me down for Glimpses of Paradise. I have the other one. And please pick me, please? I haven't won a book yet. I can send you picture of me pouting. Would that help? LOL!

    Looking forward to tomorrow...

  16. I SO WANT GLIMPSES OF PARADISE!!! I love PLOT AND STRUCTURE. It's one of the best basic fiction writing books I've ever read--I've been recommending it left and right because it's so incredibly easy to read (versus slogging through Swain).

    Dineen, if you win, I'm going to cry. But then I want to borrow your copy.



    *waves frantically* I haven't seen this in N.Z. and with no credit card, I can't order it from the States since online stores don't deal with Paypal.

    Okay, end of sob story. But I've been REALLY wanting this book ever since I heard about it.

    I already have GLIMPSES.


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