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Monday, January 30, 2006

This week...

The winner of Joan Hochstetler's two book giveaway (Daughter of Liberty and Native Son) is...Heather Smith! Ciongratulations Heather.

This week on Novel Journey~ interviews with Brandt Dolson, F.P. Lione, and Kristin Billerbeck!


  1. Especially looking forward to F.P. Lione. Frank & Pam have two great novels out there (The Deuce & The Crossroads). I wrote reviews of both of them over at Infuze magazine ( Great stuff.

  2. Congrats, you've been nominated by Heather for the "Best So Far" awards at Bloggin' Outloud -
    Feel free to participate, nominate, and spread the word!
    Lyn from FBO

  3. Thanks CJ for the comment. We've also got Karen Kingsbury coming up. I just finished the phone interview with her and it may be our best yet.

    Lyn, That's great. Heather's a darling to nominate this site. wow, and I just won the most stressed out award, I'm overwhelmed with so many honors all at once. (that really is cool)


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