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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Author Interview ~ Bill Myers Part II

Bill Myers ( is a bestselling author and an award-winning screenwriter and director. His numerous books include Soul Tracker, The Wager, The Face of God, Eli, Blood of Heaven, Threshold, Fire of Heaven, The Bloodstone Chronicles, and When the Last Leaf Falls. His books and videos have sold over 7.5 million copies.

Gina Holmes: How do you find balance with being a family man, teacher, director, writing children’s books and adult novels?

Bill Myers: I use it to my advantage. I think if I only wrote straight adult stuff, I’d get burned out. It also stops me from taking myself too seriously. My recreation is teaching scripture in sort of an interactive thing with teens and college kids. That keeps me on my toes thinking differently.

Just when I’m about dead tired writing a suspense story, I get to pick up and write kids comedy. That’s an entirely different part of my brain and it’s refreshing. I’m still tired but it becomes more of a goofy-silly tired.

I take breaks, but not really, because those breaks are simply changing what I’m working on.

Gina: How many books do you write a year?

Bill: One adult and probably three kid’s books. One of my more successful series is The Incredible Worlds of Wally Mcdoogle. He’s sort of a seventh grade Woody Allen. I time it to write those types of books during the holidays. Because it’s play to write kids comedy. It’s hard work too but fun.

Gina: I’ve read as you were growing up you didn’t like to read. Do you like to read now?

Bill: Mmm. Next question please. I’m not a big fan of reading. I will read because I’m trying to grow in the craft. I don’t understand why I’d want to read about something when I can go out and do it. I’m sure there’s also some ADHD floating around in there.

Gina: What are you working on right now?

Bill: The book that I’m finishing up now is probably not a good idea to talk about. It’s high-concept, which is easy to get “borrowed”. I remember I had this really great idea called Blood of Heaven, and I went all over town pitching it. Then six months later, I discovered Michael Crichton was working on this thing called, Jurassic Park. I hold the high-concept stuff closer to my vest now.

I’m actually finishing that up today. Yey! I’m still doing the Wally Mcdoogle books and doing a comedy picture series. I’m just starting that.

Gina: There’s a lot of talk lately about branding. Publishers are wanting writers to brand themselves--stick to writing the same type of book. But you write across the board, children’s stories to suspense.

Bill: I’ve had adult fans write me and say, my gracious, are you the same Bill Myers my kids are reading? I think they think there are two Bill Myers. If I had the time, I’d write domestic comedy. That would have to happen under a penname.

Gina: You do feel the branding is a legitimate practice?

Bill: Yeah. I wish it wasn’t, but I think it’s necessary. There are ways to get around it. There will be somebody in a couple of years who will write domestic comedies. It won’t be with my name, but everyone who knows me will know I’m doing it.

Gina: Do you have a dream for your writing, other than writing the domestic comedy?

Bill: I don’t have dreams for my writing future. My passion is to draw people closer to Christ. I don’t care how that’s done. It could be writing, directing or operating the drill press, (thought I’d prefer the other two).

I have a business plan, but my great hopes are to bring people to Jesus. It doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t mean I’m lazy or coasting. All my writer friends are so passionate about writing but it doesn’t interest me much. What interests me is the effect the writing has upon the people. I’m grateful that I’m doing it, but it’s not my passion.

Gina: Any advice for aspiring novelists.

Bill: The usual--read as much as you can. Write everyday. You only get better. Thank God you only get better. Really seek the Lord, make sure that’s what you’re wired to do. When you’re doing what you’re wired to do, that’s where the greatest satisfaction comes in.

You know I thought I was wired to be a dentist, but apparently I missed that one. I really encourage everyone to keep their ear cocked toward Heaven. It could be that the Lord has something for them that they’re not even aware of.

The Presence
Bill Myers

Supernatural Suspense
ISBN: 0310242363

From the Back Cover:

The first subjects exposed to The Presence went insane. Now, a far more terrifying experiment is about to begin. . . A diverse group of unusual characters are airlifted to a remote mountain lodge. Here they hope to participate in a séance connecting them to the spirit world.

David Kauffman and his teenage son have joined them to debunk a world-class psychic and expose her as a hoax. But not even David is prepared for what greets them. Still shaken by his daughter’s death and his visits to heaven and hell, he’s swept into a fantastic journey where the supernatural souls of people are exposed, and unseen thoughts become unimaginable reality.

As the power of The Presence increases, the group must overcome their innermost passions or be destroyed by them. All this as they struggle to break free of their captor—the head of the experiment and murderer of David’s daughter. Bestselling novelist Bill Myers weaves a supernatural thriller that will keep you turning pages late into the night—and thinking about it days after you’ve finished.


  1. Thanks for your time and comments, Bill.

    Thank you, too, Gina.

  2. Another great interview Gina! And thanks to Bill for taking the time for this interview.

    Soul Tracker and The Presence are both great reads. I highly recommend them both.

  3. >I’m sure there’s also some ADHD floating around in there.< --Bill

    As someone who book toured with Bill on a 7-city junket--uh, yeah.

    (The guy also eats some really strange stuff.)

  4. Lol, Brandilyn. I wish you guys had come to a city near me. That would've been a blast to see you four together.

    Thanks for sharing Bill.

  5. Great interview. Gina, you really ask good questions which bringsz out the authors' personalities!

  6. Wonderful interview! I loved reading the parts where he expressed his passion is for sharing Christ. I think that's the key, keeping our eyes (and ears) turned heavenward.

  7. Great interview! Thanks, Bill and Gina.

  8. I've read Bill's Bloodstone Chronicles and loved them - still remember the lessons there. Looks like I'll have to check out some of his adult stuff too. Really enjoyed the interview.


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