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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interview with's, C.J. Darlington

Titletrakk is known as "Your Christian book and music terminal," and is run by sisters Tracy and C.J. Darlington. C. J.'s short fiction has appeared in various national publications including Live, Listen, Gems of Truth, Standard and Evangel. C.J. is currently working on her second novel, Innocent Blood.

What is is an interactive website spotlighting Christian books, music & movies. We feature surveys, polls, contests, author and musician interviews, book and album reviews, music videos, movie reviews and book excerpts. The site's tagline is "Your Christian Book, Music, & Movie Terminal." That's what we want to be--a website where people of all walks can discover the amazing options available to them in Christian books, music and movies today.
As you know, the Christian entertainment industry has exploded in recent years, maturing with real quality. We want to show that.

Tell us how you and your sister masterminded this idea.

Ever since I was young I've loved books. They've been a huge passion in my life. My twin sister Tracy (who's also a freelance writer) feels the same about music. We got to brainstorming about ways we could do some writing together.
At first, was just a way we could combine our writing interests. The plan was Tracy would provide content on music, I would cover the book angle. But we've quickly grown beyond that (including the addition of movie coverage).
We now have an incredibly talented team of writers working with us to bring readers top-notch content. It's exciting.

What do you hope to accomplish with it?

Our goal is to bring these authors, musicians and filmmakers to the forefront, revealing something for every person's taste. We see ministry opportunity as well. Someone who might not know there IS an alternative to a lot of the not-so-cool stuff put out in the secular world can come to our site and be inspired to read/listen/watch something uplifting and edifying they might not otherwise have known existed.
We also hope Christians will be exposed to new material. Maybe they’ll buy a book they see featured and give it to their agnostic neighbor. Or they’ll give a cd to the teen behind the counter at McDonald’s. Or take a depressed friend to a movie that will build them up.

How did you learn the technical aspects of putting this together and getting it to readers?

Pretty much the way we learn everything—through trial and error. Tracy and I knew very little about website design when we came into this. If we got something right, it’s only thanks to the Lord. He’s blessed us above what we could ask or imagine.

From where did the name originate?

One night Tracy and I were brainstorming. We wanted to come up with a name that applied to both books and music. (We hadn’t yet branched out into movies.) We still have the sheet of paper with all the name combinations. Somehow we hit upon the train theme. Then after a little bit Tracy just said, “Title Trakk”. And the rest was history. I was writing the names down, and I immediately circled that one and we ran with it.

It's amazing with the e-zine being so new that you've secured such big-name interviews, ie. Francine Rivers, Jerry Jenkins, The Newsboys, etc. Were you surprised that has been accepted so freely?

Every day we’re surprised, and incredibly thankful, for the doors God’s opened for us.

I don't recall seeing advertisers on Why not?

Actually, we are very much interested in advertisers. We have a great banner slot available. If anyone’s interested, feel free to contact us for rates.

What surprising benefits have you or your sister received through putting out this e-zine?

It’s been a pleasure to pick the brains of all the authors, musicians, and filmmakers we’ve had the chance to interview. We gain insights from every one.

Is producing Titletrakk as much work as it appears to be?


What do you hope for the future of

That more and more people would find out about us. We would like to become a “terminal” for all that’s available in Christian and family-friendly entertainment. I can’t wait to see where the Lord has taken us in a year from now.

How can one sign up to receive the newsletter, “On


It’s really easy. Just visit this page on the site:
We hold a drawing every month, and we pick a name from our subscriber list to receive a free book or cd. So sign up today!

You're also an aspiring novelist. Tell us more about that.

My first novel Thicker Than Blood is about two estranged sisters who meet again after fifteen years. But what makes the story a little different is the antiquarian book angle. My background is in used and rare bookselling, so half of the story takes place in or around a large used bookstore called Dawson's Barn of Books, and I get to incorporate some fascinating rare book tidbits into the story.

In fact, a first edition For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway plays a big part in the story's outcome. The other half of the book takes place on a working cattle ranch and shows the gritty and unpredictable way of life for today's ranchers who live on the edge of extreme beauty, hardship, and danger.

Currently I'm writing my second novel, Innocent Blood. It's a sequel to Thicker Than Blood in that some of the main characters of my first novel become minor characters in the second. And again, rare books play an important role. This time I'm featuring a rare copy of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Did you know first editions with dust jackets can be worth over 30 grand? Let's just say someone wants this book bad enough to murder for it. However, it’s not a murder mystery or a suspense. My main characters are a troubled seventeen-year-old-girl and a female police officer.

Parting words?

I’d just like to encourage all you aspiring writers out there reading this blog. Know that you can be as called to write as a preacher is called to preach. If God’s put the desire in your heart, He has a way to fulfill it. Patience is the name of the game. Commit your work to the Lord and trust Him. He will always be faithful.


  1. CJ, thanks for the interview and for all you do to support Christian artists. You've been an incredible influencer far before TitleTrakk.

    I should've asked you how you pick who to feature. Do some authors/artists come to you or their publicists? Thanks, woman.

  2. And thanks so much for having me, Gina.

    As far as the authors/artists, I'd say it's a mixture of both. Predominantly we will pick someone to feature and contact the necessary people. But we also have publicists contact us, and some of our writers will send us interviews as well.

    Luckily there's never an end of talented people to be interviewed!

  3. This site is such a great thing, C.J. Thanks for all the work you put into coordinating it. The contests, the surveys, the's a great place to check out Christian influences in the arts!

  4. Thanks for a great interview! I, too, love old books. My f-i-l told the fam. to go through boxes of books for a downsize. I found a little pamphlet book written in the early 50s entitled "How to Pick A Wife for Christian Fellows." I based my new Heartsong Presents novel on it, having my hero come across a booklet like it and reading portions in his search for a wife. It was so much fun doing this!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Eric, and Kristy--there certainly is nothing like old books. That's a cool story about the pamphlet.

  6. CJ,

    What a great story. Best wishes on your novels.

    I especially love this story because my sister and I have aspirations of collaborating on various projects in the future, although we are not as far into it as you are.

    We will subscribe!!!

  7. Hey, that's great, two sisters. Nothing like working with family. :) I wish you all the best.

  8. Hey CJ - great interview! I am certainly enjoying being a contributor and appreciate all the hard wotk you and Tracy do to make it all possible.

  9. I enjoyed this interview. Great work, CJ! And it's a never-ending task -- spreading the Good News through books.

    I've decided the reviewing workload has become too much for me -- I need a clone! Lord-willing, I want to start teaching teen girls how to write book reviews. They have the time, but just need someone to train them.

  10. Rel -- it's been a pleasure having you on board! Heather -- cloning ourselves, what a great idea! :)


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