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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Recovering files after your computer crashes

I recently had my laptop crash which sent terror through me. My novel was on that hard-drive, not the only copy mind you, but the latest.

With the help of some very long suffering technical support personel, I was able to retrieve this important document before the entire computer froze and had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs and rebooting.

I found this article on recovering files after such a crash and thought it might help someone else out.
Click here to read the article.


  1. Big pain. My own computer crashed a few weeks ago and I had to completely erase everything and then reinstall. Fortunately, everything was backed up, but it still took forever to load it all back in. Argh. Dumb machine. (Hope it didn't hear that.)

  2. I have an exteral harddrive backup...Which reminds me that I haven't done it in about a week and I'm do ing major edits on my WIP...Gotta' go backup!

  3. Good idea, Bonnie, that's scary!

  4. With my writing I always back up in three different places. On two floppy disks (ever heard of those?), and the hard drive.

    I'm hoping to buy two flash drives soon so all my writing can be contained in one place (I have a STACK of floppy disks!).


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